What is a favorite project for woodworkers that is fun to build, looks great, and will get used by the whole family? A coffee table, of course. All you need is a good set of coffee table plans, and you can join in the fun too.

Lots of people decide to make their own coffee tables. If you can’t find the table that seems to fit just perfectly with the rest of your house, you can make one that suits your needs. Maybe you want a custom coffee table built with a glass top and exotic woods that is hard to find.

But the case for most people is that building a coffee table is just plain fun. If you are an experienced woodworker, then you may have already built some tables. This is the type of project that will get used by the family, and it is also a good chance to let your creativity out. Use whatever woods look best to you, and add ornamentation as you see fit.

If you are new to woodworking and haven’t taken on a project of this size yet, then no worries. There are lots of ways to make coffee tables, and if you build a fairly simple table, then you won’t need much experience, and you can also save money by using cheaper woods and basic tools. There are plenty of easy coffee table plans out there to make your first project a success.

The important thing to consider though, no matter what your skill level, is that you should get a good set of plans. You can go to any woodworking supply store, and even larger bookstores, and get a book with dozens of woodworking plans. You can even find some free plans and project ideas online if you are on a budget.

Just be sure to look over your plans thoroughly before you start anything. Make sure the plans are easy to follow and the dimensions are correct, and you have the proper tools and materials to get started. You don’t want to start a project and then have to quit halfway because the plans are too confusing to figure out. You always want to make sure your project plans are clear and designed by a professional.

Find a plan that suits your needs. Figure out how much you are willing to spend on the project, and decide if you will need to buy any new tools to get the work done.

And remember to keep this a fun project. Enjoy working with the designs and picking the woods you like best, and have fun making it look how you want (ex. different router bits can change a plain table into a masterpiece). Woodworking is always fun, especially when you know that what you build will be appreciated and used by the whole family.

Source by Dave Winston