COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. — Grant funding is allowing the Colbert County Emergency Management Agency to purchase some vital equipment to aid in emergency response and services to the community.

Of the $500,000 total, EMA Director Michael David Smith said $108,000 will be used to purchase a new trailer.

The EMA currently uses an older trailer for its incident command post, however, the new trailer will be specifically designed for medical use.

“The goal and one of the priorities of the grant itself was to take the vaccine into underserved and low-income areas and places like that,” Smith said. “That is the entire purpose of this particular grant was to be able to take that vaccine with this trailer and go into those communities and into those neighborhoods.”

Because the new trailer is being custom-made, the EMA will organize mobile vaccine clinics using the incident command trailer.

“That’s not really designed to do that type of thing but we are going to be able to make it work for a little bit until the real trailer comes in,” Smith said.

Smith said the new trailer will have features like stations for the nursing staff, refrigeration, and backup generator power.

Money from the grant is also being used to purchase general EMA supplies and ten automatic chest compression devices for CPR intervention.

Smith added that grant money is also being set aside to contract with Helen Keller Hospital, which is providing personnel to staff the mobile vaccine clinics.

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