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Product Description

The following tips may help you achieve a better calling experience:

1. Please make sure the microphone headband has been adjusted correctly and close to your mouth.

2. Update your Bluetooth Driver to the latest version. (If you use the headphones on your laptop)

3. Make sure all other Bluetooth devices around have been turned off

4. If it is tested under a noisy environment, please try another quiet room to see if it will be better.

5. Please try to make calls directly from your phone without using any conference apps to see if the issue persists.


1. Only allows computer which has Bluetooth function. But you can buy a USB dongle if you have no Bluetooth function.

2. Poor sound quality and Bluetooth connection occur sometimes when hardware and Bluetooth Driver are not updated to the latest version (laptops with some bands ).

If it still can not work, please kindly contact our support at any time

3.The mute button can only used on cellphone, if you want to mute on Skype or other calling software on PC, please set it through software.

4.Use of Type-C to 3.5 audio cable: insert the special Type-C to 3.5 audio cable, one end of the Type-C head is inserted into the M100 charging port, and the other end of the 3.5 audio head is inserted into the mobile phone or computer audio port to listen to music calls.

Adjustable headband & Comfortable Wearing & 270° Rotatable Microphone & Anti-slip pad

The on ear earmuff is made of protein leather, very soft and breathable, which can reduce much pressure bringing to ears . It has large-size adjustable headband, lining with soft protein leather pading on the top, making it can fit most people and provide comfortable wearing. The boom mic is flexible, you can adjust it close enough to your mouth to pick up your voice more exactly.

Long Battery Life & Fast Charging & Mute Function

COMEXION bluetooth headset equiped with large capacity battery, which can provide 30 hours talking time or 400 hours standby time.Your headset is fully charged within 1.5 hours.You can also easily block the sound in your side by pressing the mute key when needed.(*Note:The mute function might not be compatible with some third-party softwares at PC end )

Wireless/Wired Mode Optional

In wireless mode, It can connect with 2 bluetooth devices at one time. You can switch the usage of the headset from one device to another easily.

In addition to wireless mode, it also connects to your computer via a 3.5mm audio cable, and you can adjust the volume of the headphones. It works with devices that don’t have Bluetooth capability.

Bluetooth Pairing and Connection:

A. In off status, long press MFB 5-7 seconds to enter pairing mode with LED Blue & Red flash alternately.

B. Search and click to connect ”M100” on your phone Bluetooth lists, LED change to Blue slow flash once after connected, now you can play music from phone to headphone.

C. You can press MFB / Volume+ / Volume- / Microphone Mute Button on the Bluetooth headset to control the answer/hang up a call and play/pause of the music, next and previous song, volume up and down, microphone mute.

Connection with Computer:

A. First download a universal driver software.

B. Then plug in the Bluetooth adapter, at this point, the gray Bluetooth icon will turn to blue.(Note: Notebook computer with Bluetooth function does not need external Bluetooth adapter which need to buy separately. Right click on the Bluetooth icon, select “show the classic interface”).

C. When the Bluetooth headset turned off, press and hold ” MFB” button for 2 seconds until red and blue lights flashing ( matching), headset has entered the search state at this time.

D. Right click on the computer interface, select the “search” equipment, the headset must be in pair ( red and blue lights flashing) , then the computer will search for all nearby Bluetooth devices.

Connection with Two devices:

A. Follow part 3 to connect with first phone, then turn off the Bluetooth function of first phone.

B. The headset will enter pairing mode automatically with Red & Blue LED flash alternately. Turn on the bluetooth function of second phone to search and connect “M100”, LED change to Blue slow flash after connected.

C. Turn on Bluetooth function of first phone, click to reconnect “M100”on Bluetooth lists. Headset is connected with two phones now.


Please charge the M100 at once when the Red LED flash. Charging time is about 1.5 hours. Solid Red LED change to Solid Blue LED when full charged.

Charge Connections

Please connect to the M100 charging port through the Type-C end of Type-C charging cable, USB end to the charge no more than 5 volts or computer USB, etc.


1. Please charge the M100 at least one time every 2 months when don’t use it.

2. Charging when power on, headset will be reset and power off.


Bluetooth Version: 5. 0

Bluetooth Range: up to 10m/33ft

Charging Time: 1.5 hours

Using Time:30Hrs+


1 x COMEXION Bluetooth Headset

1 x Type-C Charging Cable

1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable

1 x User Manual


1. Please charge the M100 at least one time every 2 months when don’t use it.

2. Charging when power on, headset will be reset and power off.

【Extremely Comfortable To Wear】 COMEXION Bluetooth headset features an omnidirectional rotating ear cap, made from a soft protein leather over the ear, with a large size adjustable headband (and a soft leather pad to reduce the pressure to your head), making it extremely comfortable to wear got long periods of time.
【Bluetooth 5.0】COMEXION adapts the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The transmission is faster, more efficient and stable. It can pair with 2 devices at the same time.
【Mute Function and Large Operation Buttons】One press to mute, you can easily mute your voice during the call. COMEXION headset has large operation panel and large control buttons, which enable you to access the control features easily and accurately.
【Wireless/Wired Mode Optional】 Besides Wireless mode, it can be connected to your computer using the 3.5 mm audio cable, you may adjust the volume on the headset. It can work with devices those which has no Bluetooth function.
【Compatibility & Long Battery Life】COMEXION headset can pair with most Android and IOS Bluetooth-enabled devices; 1.5 Hours charging can offer up to 30 hours continuous talking time and 400 hours standby time. 【Note】 The mute button can only used on cellphone, if you want to mute on Skype or other calling software on PC, please set it through software.