About TRIO, Inc.

TRIO is one of the most highly-regarded, fastest growing interior design and visual merchandising firms in the country – we were just named into the Top 100 Giants by Interior Design Magazine! Among clients and partners, TRIO is known for its excellence in design, work ethic, attention to detail, open communication, professionalism, innovation, and on-time delivery.

Over a 19-year journey, the sole proprietor basement business has blossomed into a thriving design firm with 55 employees who manage an average of 100 projects at any given time, both locally and internationally. TRIO’s signature style of telling an artful story, its unique collaborative process of respectful, free-flowing communication, and it’s commitment to the latest technology has helped sell more than 25,000 residences and generated over $7 billion in revenue for our clients.

Within the next few years, TRIO is on track to double in size and expand into new local and international markets. No matter how big TRIO becomes, we will always be a distinctive, yet approachable voice in the world of interior architecture while staying true to our founding vision of providing intelligent and authentic design. TRIO collaborates on all aspects of master planned communities, model homes, clubhouses, sales centers, commercial and hospitality projects, multifamily apartments, and we just completed our own state-of-the-art Design Studio for everything related to interior architecture, design, and merchandising.

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