As each country levels “Stay-At-Home” Orders to deal with the outbreak of COVID-19 (or Coronavirus), certainly it’s an understatement to say that we’re all having to deal with specific emotional trigger-points as we hunker down and stay put.


Here’s a brief “What’s Your Trigger?” Guide

by Life Path Number


1 Life Path: 

THE MAIN TRIGGER:  A shattered sense of being out of the driver’s seat.

Oh no, 1 Life Path.  This lock down brings up every control issue you have;  past, present, and future. Your primary function in life is to blaze you own independent trail and certainly being told by government agencies what to do (or not do) is tweaking your deep need for autonomy and your innate leaning toward disruption and rebellion.

COPING STRATEGY:  Well, easier said than done.  Yet you’re being asked to develop a higher level of patience and to find alternative ways to feel confident and in charge right now.  Some kind of indoor exercise is a must.  Give yourself permission to rework a business plan, journal about your experiences, and lead others (your family, if you’re in lock down with them) to find some creative outlets.


2 Life Path: 

THE MAIN TRIGGER:  A sense of grief for the entire world.

This lock down brings your deep emotional acuity into the spotlight. You’re so emotionally porous, lovely 2 Life Path, that this is tweaking your deep sense of connection with all sentient beings. Your deep levels of emotional connection can serve you well during this challenging global pandemic and yet this is also an opportunity to fine-tune and discipline your emotional reactivity.

COPING STRATEGY:  You’ll benefit from gaining some emotional distance between what you can and can’t do during this restrictive time.  If you’re home with family, you’re right in your wheelhouse. Yet let’s not romanticize the triggers that will be coming at you from all directions as you attempt to maintain a peaceful home environment. If you’re currently single or solo, this time can trigger every single cell in your body. You’re most likely doing a deep review right now about your choices in relationships and coming down on yourself pretty harshly. Go easy on yourself, 2 Life Path! You might find relief in doing some deep cleaning around the house, organizing closets, and coming up with some DIY projects to keep yourself occupied. Read some of those books you have piled on your nightstand now that you have time.


11/2 Life Path:  For the Master 11/2, look at the 1 (and double it!) and then the 2.


3 Life Path: 

THE MAIN TRIGGER:  A dive into depression.

Oh, you know the drill 3 Life Path. You “feel the feels” all the darn time.  And now this??  Not only are you feeling your own distress, disappointment, and despair – you’re feeling it for others as well. You’re always modulating your ability to experience emotion (the good, bad, ugly and everything in between) and so during this lock down, the chances of the darker primordial ooze of depression might knock at your door. How can you be honest about the struggles and yet move toward small, simple solutions rather than staying bogged down in the muck?

COPING STRATEGY: The best way out is through.  Don’t put the stops on your vacillating emotions. Knowing you, 3 Life Path, your emotional landscape is changing by the minute. The trick will be not to “depress” what you’re feeling and yet also not hunker down into the lower despairing thoughts.  Meet the thoughts and feelings where they are and then move to the next stage.  It’s as though you’re truly working Elisabeth Kubler Ross and David Kessler’s 5 Stages of Grief on a consistent and mindful basis right now.  Follow the pathway:  denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  And just know that you’re working this formula over and over again. In the meantime, listen to upbeat music, take consistent brisk walks outdoors (with proper social distancing), and find funny memes and videos that lighten your spirits.


4 Life Path: 

THE MAIN TRIGGER:  A panic about losing your sense of security and stability.

This entire pandemic is triggering your core sense of well-being and security, dear 4 Life Path. You don’t do well with a lot of uncertainty and so wow, this is triggering the very core of your being. While it’s reassuring for you to be home right now, at the same time this stay-at-home order is like a domino effect for you insofar as you’re now questioning choices you’ve made about work and how you make money. It’s also pulling up issues related to how secure your roots are in your life.

COPING STRATEGY:  You need something solid and stable to hold on to, 4 Life Path. That can show up as a person or partner you can count on. It can be your community, your work colleagues, or family members.  Pets and animals are often a big part of your support system as well. The more time you can spend with your hands or feet in the dirt will be very reassuring and grounding right now. If you have a yard, this is great. If not (you’re in an apartment or other living situation where you go elsewhere for your nature-fix), it’s imperative that you get out in nature even more than usual.  If that’s not possible, listen to nature sounds — corny maybe, but really!  This will really help!  If you have animals this is a beautiful time for more cuddles and perhaps some creative photo-ops that you can share with others on social media to brighten their days.  Cooking healthy meals can turn your day around as well.


22/4 Life Path:  For the Master 22/4, look at the 2 (and double it!) and then the 4.


5 Life Path: 

THE MAIN TRIGGER:  A major sense of suffocation and confinement.

Feeling restricted is not your soup d’jour, oh freewheeling 5 Life Path. Being confined to your home is making you feel even buggier than many of the Life Paths.  Unless you’re a 5 Life Path who already struggles with “getting out there” (and there are those of you who do retreat into a certain seclusion when you’re challenged with the more fear-based elements of the 5 Life Path), this sense of restriction is one of your biggest and most consistent triggers. Mixed with the fear that is embedded in the pandemic itself, this can be an extremely challenging time for the 5.

COPING STRATEGY:  This is the ultimate cosmic training ground for the 5 Life Path. How can you feel a deep and real sense of freedom in the midst of massive global lock down? How can you embrace the changes ahead rather than brace yourself against them? If there’s any time for meditation, breath work, and other mind-freeing modalities, this is it. The tendency will most likely be to self-medicate right now, yet true freedom comes from leaning into the fear and meeting it head-on.  Journaling is a great outlet as well.


6 Life Path: 

THE MAIN TRIGGER:  An intense feeling of loss of control.

As a 6 Life Path, you’re now on hyper-overdrive as you exert every effort to maintain a positive and nurturing environment for others with whom you come in contact. If you’re home with family, this is peak time for you. Chances are you’re the one who is making sure everyone else is coping in some way, shape, or form. Yet you also need to take a moment to go inward and see how this is triggering and traumatizing for you as well. This stay-at-home ruling is surely putting a huge dent in your ideal home life.

COPING STRATEGY:  If you’re a parent, this is home-school time and offers many great Meme-worthy moments as you attempt to herd cats (AKA your kids and other family members). If solo, you’ll be called to reach out and give help, support, and solace to others right now. Perhaps you need to care for elderly parents, friends, or other family members.  Whatever your personal reality might be, your best coping strategy resides in taking a few “you” moments in the midst of all the care taking. Or if you struggle with stepping up to the plate and handling a bit more responsibility, this is your time to deliver. Engaging with a few creative projects for yourself will do wonders for your mental health. Salt water baths and eating well-balanced and nutritious meals is a must.


33/6 Life Path:   For the Master 33/6, look at the 3 (and double it!) and then the 6.


7 Life Path: 

THE MAIN TRIGGER:  Perhaps you’re not reacting as dramatically to this slow down as many of the Life Paths. I saw a funny meme and thought of you:  “Introverts:  I’ve been waiting all my life for this.”

Yet let’s not trivialize or underestimate your triggers. Depending on which side of the 7 Life Path fence you reside on, this is a deep and profound time to dig deeply into your psyche and you’re once again asking the bigger, probing questions about life as we know it. Most 7s will relish the “free pass” to hang out at home and just be.  Yet some 7s will work with an intense level of discomfort at having to hang out in stillness for a while, which will result in frustration and a general sense of hostility and exasperation.

COPING STRATEGY:  No one (even the more introverted 7!) likes their lives being upended. Yet this is a fertile time for you 7 Life Paths to take the time to rest, to read, to meditate, to process.  If you’re feeling edgy, a great coping strategy is to enjoy time with a pet, delve into a new meditation, and find new sources of information and inspiration. If you’re a coupled 7, what an optimal time to deepen your emotional connection with your partner and open yourself up and reveal your vulnerability. Very deep and connecting talks can be had right now if you initiate them. 


8 Life Path: 

THE MAIN TRIGGER:  A major feeling of disempowerment.

Surely this stay-at-home mandate is making you burn, 8 Life Path. Given that you’re usually so work and career-centered, this is really throwing you for a loop. What is your identity if/when you’re not working? How is the playing into every financial fear you might have? Yet this is also tapping into a deeper level of questions for you. How empowered do you feel in your life? How prepared are you to navigate the flow of change?

COPING STRATEGY:  For the 8 Life Path, this is a time where you can reach out and find your power in different ways than you usually do. An 8 Life Path friend of mine was very concerned about her Alcoholics Anonymous group not being able to have their daily meetings with the quarantine.  So she took it upon herself to get a virtual platform in place so that the group could meet virtually. This is the kind of outside-of-the-box action that you can take to feel as though you have some power and some control in these uncertain times.  Physical exercise is a must for you right now.  Finding ways to feel a bit lighter is also greatly useful as a coping mechanism, whether that’s binging on Netflix stand-up comedy shows or throwing a little dance party in your living room.


9 Life Path: 

THE MAIN TRIGGER:  A major feeling of devastation about the state of the world.

Oh ouch!  Your soul is aching right now, oh-compassionate 9 Life Path. As the wise old soul, you can’t help but be a little more than miffed at the human species and all that we’ve done to damage and disrespect Mother Earth (and each other).  Surely you’re struggling with a bit of malaise and shock as you navigate this world-altering period of time. 

COPING STRATEGY:  Many 9s are doing some major levels of integration right now – energetically, mentally and physically.  You might find that you’re sick right now. Not with COVID-19, but with a cold, cough, intestinal distress, headaches or other physical symptoms that are crying out for you to slow down and allow this point of integration. You might be a 9 who is devoted to reaching out and supporting others in any and every way you can – financially or by giving of your time and talents. Many 9s are already living a life of service and so this is very much ramped up right now. Just remember that you’re a sensitive and (usually) an empath. Take care of you right now in an extra-vigilant way. We need you for the long haul! Allow others to offer you support and be open to allowing it.

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