Based in Glendale, California, theater-punk outfit Countless Thousands recently unveiled the single/music video for “Lazar Wolf,” a track lifted from their forthcoming rock opera album, And The Triumph of Justice, slated for release in January.

According to Countless Thousands, “Lazar Wolf” is “a Thousands-style love letter to one of the greatest musicals of all time: Fiddler On the Roof.”

Made up of Davey Munch (bass), Light Return (guitar, vocals), and Danger Van Gorder (vocals, guitar), Countless Thousands merges Queen-like baroque rock, glam metal, and platinum-colored punk rock into what can only be described as the offspring of Queen and Styx raised on a diet of dirty, sizzling punk.

The lyrics, ebullient and extensive with luminous resonance, set the stage for the song’s narrative: the Butcher of Anatevka haunts a land of supercharged bedlam.

“And as the sun sets and a pale moon rises over the sleepy town of Anatevka… / THE BUTCHER HUNTS HIS PREY!” / As the sun sets so spirits rise / To gasp of a man there with frozen eyes! / The empty BUTCHER sings! / A mensch of wealth and taste / Life of luxury paid in bloody blades!”

“Lazar Wolf” opens on a thumping, metal-core-like rhythm topped by heavy, blistering guitars full of dark energy. Keening Styx-like vocals deliver the tale, followed by a stridently gleaming chorus rife with surging layers of timbres.

The thrumming chug of the melody gives the tune propelling, fierce textures conjuring up memories of Queen’s opera-Esque flamboyance. Yet the thick visceral punk dynamics infuse the harmonics with scorching, muscular, granular textures – raw and relentless.

The video is a trip, blending clips from Fiddler On the Roof with shots of the band dressed in Hasidic garb with fake beards hooked over their ears. Black and white graveyard scenes from a hoary version of Frankenstein imbue the visuals with sepulchral images of dancing figures. The highlight of the video is the band’s…

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