Economically, socially, politically and most importantly in terms of public health, the stakes now couldn’t be higher.

The Prime Minister was wrong two weeks ago when she said New Zealand was moving harder and earlier than any other country against Covid-19. But she was certainly right to move in line with public opinion. Whatever epidemiologists have to say, Jacinda Ardern understands that a national leader can act only within the bounds of public tolerance if she wants to maintain compliance with whatever draconian measures may be needed over the longer term.

Foodstuffs boss Chris Quin talks to Damien Venuto about supermarket queues, price gouging accusations and panic buying

What worries both earnest public health officials and cynical political strategists is that the temptation is growing for everyone to relax. If I’m not sick, and you’re not sick, why shouldn’t I come round for a beer?

The good news is there are many signs the lockdown is working.

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