There are nine new cases of coronavirus in New Zealand today.

That is made up of four new confirmed cases and five new probable cases, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.

There are no new deaths today, meaning the number of New Zealanders who have died from the virus remains at 18.

Of the new cases reported today, four are linked to existing clusters, and five are linked to known confirmed cases.

For the past seven days in a row, the number of new Covid-19 cases has been in single figures. However, the number of Covid-19 related deaths has also slowly been increasing.

The additional nine cases today means the total number of new and confirmed Covid-19 cases in New Zealand is 1470. Some 1142 people have recovered, an increase on 24 compared to yesterday.

This means 78 per cent of all confirmed and probable cases are now recovered.

Seven people remain in hospital, unchanged from yesterday. This total includes one person in the ICU in Middlemore.

There are still 16 significant clusters, and again this is no change from yesterday.

There were 5,966 tests completed yesterday, taking the combined total to date of 120,981.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said today that although it was encouraging to have another day of single digit cases, vigilance remains crucial.

“As we prepare to move to alert level 3 on Tuesday morning, it’s really important not to slacken off the effort,” he said in a statement just before 1pm today.

“Even though all these new cases are linked to existing community-based cases or clusters, or are a result of overseas travel, nine cases highlights the need for everybody to maintain a high level of vigilance in level 4 and as we move to level 3.”

It is just a day and a half until New Zealand drops to alert level 3, allowing slightly more freedom of movement, more people to return to work and takeaway franchises like KFC and McDonald’s to open.

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Eighteen people have now died from Covid-19 – all aged over 60.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health confirmed an Auckland woman in her 70s passed away overnight.

Like all other Covid-19 related deaths so far, the woman had underlying health conditions.

The Ministry also yesterday confirmed there were just five new cases of Covid-19; three confirmed and two probable.

That brought the number of Covid-19 cases in New Zealand up to 1461.

But, with 1118 people confirmed to have recovered, the number of active cases is 343.

Health officials say 77 per cent of all confirmed and probable cases are now recovered.

This comes as New Zealand comes to the end of level 4 lockdown.
The country will move into level 3 for at least two weeks at 11:59 on Monday night.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases around the world is 2.9 million, with 202,000 reported deaths.

Some 812,000 people have so far recovered. The Government’s official Covid-19 advisory website

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