A Wellington emergency nurse on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19 has been left reeling after thieves stole her e-bike from outside Wellington Hospital.

Kathy Miranda shared the theft on Twitter, posting a photo of the cut bike lock, saying she was “feeling empty” and it was “the last thing she needed”.

Miranda shared the theft with her Twitter followers. Photo / Twitter
Miranda shared the theft with her Twitter followers. Photo / Twitter

Miranda has been flooded with support, with a GoFundMe set up to raise money for a replacement bike.

Miranda, who works as an intensive care and LifeFlight nurse, asked: “Honestly who steals from a hospital?”

She revealed that she usually parked the bike in a secure cage, but chose a closer park yesterday.

Kathy Miranda works as a Lifeflight and intensive care nurse. Photo / Twitter
Kathy Miranda works as a Lifeflight and intensive care nurse. Photo / Twitter

Kiwis were quick to offer to help, with many volunteering their own e-bikes to help the nurse get to work.

Others slammed the thieves as “rodents”, “scumbags” and “idiots”, and asked what sort of person would commit a crime like this with New Zealand in a state of national emergency.

National MP Nicola Willis replied to the message, telling Miranda: “This makes me so cross. Please know the rest of us are so grateful to you for the work you are doing and will do for us during this crisis. You deserve much much better than this.”

A police spokesperson told the Herald that police received a report yesterday that a bicycle had been stolen from outside Wellington Hospital and are making enquiries.

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Earlier this week, another Kiwi nurse revealed the harsh reality facing frontline healthcare workers.

In a Facebook post, Noeleen Schoultz asked people to put themselves in the shoes of those “who have no choice but to be confronted with this illness face on”.

“I have recently been told that colleagues of mine have been told that they can no longer live in their rental if they go to work. How ridiculous is that? I completely understand that it’s a frightening thing but do you not think that it is frightening for us and that we are doing everything we can not to bring it home with us?” she wrote on Facebook earlier today.

“We have families too that we don’t want to compromise. So not only do we have to worry about that but now we have to worry whether or not we are going to have a place to stay if we go to work and do our job which is paying our bills.”

Schoultz says that, as much as her and her colleagues would love to stay home with family, they have a duty of care.

“We have thought of other options to distance ourselves from loved ones by renting another place to stay plus finding washing facilities that would wash our uniforms rather then bringing them home with us – the DHB should be doing this but they don’t. All of which would be out of our own pocket which most of us can’t afford,” she said.

“I have never been so shocked and disappointed in some NZ people as I am now. We are not cared for by the DHB and we are literally fighting for a safer environment every shift and now we are having to fight outside of work,” she said.

“I am one of the lucky ones. It’s my landlords that remind me every day that there are Kiwis that are decent and compassionate to what we do and remind me why I fell in love with NZ in the first place.”

Schoultz’s post received a wave of support on Facebook.

“I do hope that our Government can provide us with the accommodation for the meantime during this outbreak. Some of us are being discriminated [against]. There are even some nurses who were abruptly asked to leave their flat due to this pandemic. We the frontliners would need support from the Government during this time,” another nurse commented.

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