Crisis Challenge is a TikTok dance challenge set to the 2018 song “Crisis” by rapper Jasiah. The dance, which became popular in late June 2020, was compared to the Renegade dance due to its fast and complicated choreography.


On June 18th, 2020, TikToker tdfw.shot uploaded his own dance to a portion of the song “Crisis” by Jasiah. The video garnered over 270,000 likes in 11 days.


On June 27th, 2020, TikToker Cxnlee uploaded a video of TikToker @_emmylee attempting to teach him the complicated dance (shown below, left). The video garnered over 2.2 million likes in two days. That same day, TikToker jadagomillion uploaded a video of two siblings performing the dance and accumulated over 979,900 likes in two days (shown below, center). The next day, TikToker mackenzieziegler uploaded a dance video captioned, “I GOT SO EXCITED I FINALLY GOT IT. also it’s a lil sloppy so i might redo” (shown below, right). The video received over one million likes in a day.

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