The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is a continually-evolving one, with updates and innovations occurring on a weekly basis. New cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and wallets are released frequently, as are advanced financial instruments, such as Bitcoin CFDs.

Keeping up with all this information, whilst also understanding the potential impacts of such changes and the ways that you can benefit from them can take up all your day. Cryptimi is here to help, offering you concise, relevant, and informative reviews, guides and articles on a wide range of topics and platforms.

Cryptocurrency: A Brief Overview

Decentralised cryptographic currency, better known as cryptocurrency, has been gaining popularity across the globe. Interest in the potential of this innovation has existed for a while, but the past few years have truly fuelled an explosion of ideas and creations. The cryptocurrency industry has attracted entrepreneurs, visionaries, investors, and legislators who help set the future trends of the industry.

At the heart of the industry lie cryptocurrency exchanges, who handle the daily transactions which make digital currency accessible to the user, trader or investor. Cryptocurrency wallets are another vital element of the industry, securely storing currencies whilst allowing them to be conveniently portable, even in large sums.

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Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, remains today the most popular one, both in terms of fame and traded volume. Other currencies have also made a name for themselves, including Ethereum, which many believe will be the base of the majority of smart contracts in the future. These and other popular coins, such as Litecoin, Ripple, and the “joke” Dogecoin can all be easily traded on most reputable exchange platforms.

The Evolution of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

On August 18, 2008, the domain was registered and would eventually lead to the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper titled “Bitcoin – A peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. This document would go on to trigger a revolution, not only in the financial sector but also in the greater economy. In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious entity behind Bitcoin, created the Genesis Block, which represented the very first block on the currency’s blockchain.

In ten years, the industry has witnessed immense growth and is today worth tens of billions of dollars. Cryptocurrencies, which once numbered in the single digits, today count in the thousands, and incredibly, there are some wallets which can accept most of them.

Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, also known as Altcoins, were originally created to bypass financial intermediaries and facilitate payments. However, due to their high price volatility, these coins started to be treated closer to financial assets, than financial currency. As a result, trading of cryptocurrencies has become extremely popular, and just like forex trading, many traders generate substantial profits buying and selling digital currencies. This inevitably led to the creation of several advanced financial instruments based on cryptocurrencies, such as cryptocurrency CFDs offered by international trading platforms such as eToro.

Why Choosing a Good Site is Essential

If you would like to get involved in the cryptocurrency industry, or if you’re involved already, you need a guide which can provide you with information which is useful and relevant to your needs. Just like when picking a stockbroker or an advisor, choosing a helpful and reputable website is essential. Indeed, making the wrong choice can lead to disappointment, misinformation or confusion.

A good cryptocurrency portal is updated daily and made up of a team of dedicated professionals for whom the industry is their profession, not just a side hobby. This ensures that the data which is provided is factual and accurate, updated to remain relevant and useful. Cryptocurrency news should be equally precise, whilst also being live, so that you can base your trades or decisions on the most up to date information.

Welcome to Cryptimi

The team at Cryptimi bring you a selection of daily reviews, articles and exclusive insights into the industry. Based in Malta, a country which continues to lead the world in cryptocurrency and blockchain legislation, Cryptimi provides you with comprehensive information, which goes beyond just the coins.

The site’s honest and detailed reviews provide you with all there is to know about the top exchange platforms and wallets available. Data is provided in a user-friendly manner, which is easy to digest and to use for comparisons.

While reviews themselves contain guides to help you get started, the website has a section completely dedicated to separate guides. These guides provide you with detailed instructions, actionable recommendations, and possible dangers on a host of products and processes, ranging from mining and selling cryptocurrencies, to choosing the right trading broker or platform. The step-by-step guides are designed for specific knowledge levels, so no matter if you are a novice or advanced user, you will find a guide which you can easily follow.

Cryptimi has also been developing its reviews and guides for the CFD market, which has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years.

Concluding Thoughts

The cryptocurrency industry can be difficult to follow continually, especially if you have lots more going on in your life. Cryptimi specialises in keeping content simple and to-the-point, so you can get the cryptocurrency help you require instantly.

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