On November 11th, 2020, Redditor instanthole posted about the dungeon in the /r/tombprospectors subreddit, a messageboard for exploration of the Bloodborne dungeons. In a thread titled “Cummmfpk,” they wrote, “Holy fuck I actually just beat the keeper of the old lords in this Kos forsaken shit hole. Took me HOURS of trying. Because of course, one mess up and DEAD. Did it with moonlight greatsword and LOTS of parrying. The poison knives helped a lot too to chip health and trigger his back step and sword swipe combo that’s so easy to parry. Managed to stagger him enough so he didn’t buff his sword with fire because that always fucks me. Got 3.3 million echoes from it too lol.”

Months later, on January 29th, 2021, the website Kotaku helped popularize the nickname in the article “A ‘Cum Dungeon’ Offers The Fastest XP Farming In Bloodborne.” In the piece, they wrote:

The Cum Dungeon is one of several chalice dungeons, a vast series of underground mazes that, over the last few years, have represented the final frontier of Bloodborne exploration. Chalice dungeons are in no way necessary to beat or even enjoy the game, but they nevertheless hide riches for players willing to do some digging.

Reaction to the article focused solely on the name “Cum Dungeon.” On Twitter, readers shared jokes about the name (examples below).

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