Danville officials asking for money to demolish abandoned homes

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Danville officials are looking to demolish deserted homes as soon as possible.

Mayor Rickey Williams said there are dozens of properties with damaged roofs and broken porches, some with animals living inside. Williams said property values can increase if they get rid of the abandoned houses.

“If you’re a person that’s fighting and you’re taking care of your home and your property,” Williams said. “But there are lots of bad houses in the neighborhood, it affects your morale, it affects your feeling of safety. I think the other thing is you almost want to give up because why should I care and work so hard? My house isn’t going to be worth anything.”

The project is expected to cost $400,000. They’re asking for money from the Illinois housing development authority.

He hopes to secure it by the end of summer and start demolition by fall or winter.

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