hen YouTube launched in 2005, the platform began attracting content creators in droves, but the early years were drastically different in terms of what this content looked like compared to today’s YouTube. In 2007, a young YouTuber by the name of Madison began initially posting his vlogs and comedy sketches under the pseudonym “Daxflame” and would go on to become one of the most popular creators on the platform. Eventually reaching the top 20 of all YouTubers, Dax then took a brief hiatus from the platform and starred in many notable films, such as Project X and 21 Jump Street, before returning in 2014 and expanding his channel’s content into a wide array of sketches, game shows and more. With big plans for 2021, we decided to sit down with him to hear more about his captivating story and see what he’s been up to lately.

Q: Welcome, Dax. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. I’d like to start off by having you introduce yourself a bit for those who aren’t familiar with your content and history.

A: Hi, I’m Dax Flame. Many people know me from the “Diary 30: Superman is coming to school/Humiliation” meme! I began making YouTube videos in 2007 and quickly shot up to 16th most subscribed, then later was in Project X and 21 Jump Street. Nowadays, I host the game show “Smoothie Madness” in addition to pursuing one million subscribers on YouTube.

Q: You’ve got quite a well-known background on YouTube tracing back to 2007, but I wanna get some context on your childhood and how you got your start online before then. So how’d you initially get started on the internet, and what were some of your earliest online experiences that shaped your older content?

A: I was a very sweet kid who sometimes didn’t know what to do socially, but I tried my best to meet people and was immediately drawn to YouTube when I found out about it.

Q: You launched your YouTube channel in January 2007 and uploaded the first video, “My First Video Diary…

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