Deer Being Interviewed / Canadian Deer refers to an image of an Estonian news reporter holding a microphone up to a particularly dumb-looking deer. The image has seen considerable popularity in image macros across social media platforms since it was uploaded to the web in 2017, as well as video remixes on YouTube.


On February 14th, 2017, Virgo Pärn posted a video from Estonian news network TV 3 to uudised.tv3.ee, the title of which, according to Google Translate, roughly translates to, “Cute Story! A brave wild goat walked into the yard and became friends with a wolfhound.” The video shows footage of a lone deer walking around an empty field as an Estonian news reporter speaks (re-upload shown below). At 01:23 into the video the reporter holds his microphone up to the deer as if asking for a quote.

According to sleepingfetus in a Reddit comment from October 9th, 2017 on a post to /r/hmmm of the deer, the story being reported on in the video “is about the lone deer who wandered into some dudes farm alone ( they state that they usually move around in groups). And he became friends with the local dog.”


Shortly after the video was published the image of the deer being interviewed was screenshotted and people started using it in jokes and image macros across social media. On February 23rd, 2017, Shitheadsteve posted the image to Twitter underneath the post text, “Sir are you aware that ur a deer” (shown below, left). A screenshot of the post was re-uploaded to iFunny that same day by HIGHLY_2017, garnering over 138,000 smiles and 2,900 comments in just under 4 years. On March 4th, FreshPotatosMan posted an image macro of the deer with the top text, “When they repeat the question 3 times, and you still don’t understand” to Imgur, garnering over 3,200 upvotes in a comparable span of time (shown below, right).

On October 12th, 2017, Twitter user Eggroll uploaded the image of the deer underneath the text, “Oh not much goes on out here, buddy. I…

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