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Shortly after arriving in the USA Vlad began working at Thomas Newman’s studio. At first, he helped in building the designs that Tom created or that were commissioned by interior designers, but gradually he branched out and started developing his own unique style and language. 

“The Loop”, an elegant side piece that Vlad designed, is a modern drink stand and occasional table. This piece’s parts are first milled with a CNC router, then glued together and finally hand shaped and finished.

Above: Created by Vlad’s son, Nikita, this 3D computer virtual reality rendering of “The Loop”, is used by designers and clients alike as a means for introducing the piece to its future home, and to try out the different optional locations and relationships with existing furniture in the client’s residence.

Vlad’s training in printing and radar technology came to be very instrumental in helping him as he plunged into the Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and imaging programs. The combination of a background in making things, solving problems, and overcoming both technical and real-life challenges provided him with a robust and unique tool kit. 

A CNC router while milling a block of Sapele wood that will be shaped with hand tools later on.

Today he oversees the production of some of the most cutting-edge designs in woodworking. Vlad has gained an unprecedented mastery in harnessing the liberating power of the computer to carve new paths for three-dimensional designs in wood. His often work reminds of the organic shapes seen in plants and animals. And his elegant designs convey a sense of flow from one component to the other, with elements that twist and turn, ascend and descend in total harmony.  

Evolution Stool. Behind it is Vlad’s bog oak screen.

The two parts are glued together.

Vlad always relies on hand tools to shape his projects to…

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