Did it work? It’s everyone’s favorite question on Twitter. Using the four image panes bestowed upon us by the Twitter gods, people mash four pictures together to create one complete whole. It’s a technique that’s brought a lot of joy to a lot of people in the past. For example:

please work pic.twitter.com/Qi8vtb9n6j

β€” amanda 🌸 (@myohmydemi) October 3, 2017


please work pic.twitter.com/rloH42WNhs

β€” Sudden (@SuddenInterest) December 14, 2019

Over the past few days, a new variation of the “Please work” and “Did it work?” formats caught the attention of Twitter’s memers and dreamers. Combining the Pope Francis Holding the Eucharist meme with the tiled-printing technique of “Please Work,” Twitter users have created a series of memes that would make the God proud.

Check some of the best ones out below:


β€” abs πŸ™‚ (@tropicanapussy) October 14, 2020


β€” sreekar (@sreekyshooter) October 15, 2020


β€” fear 666 operator (spooky) (@tacticaldipshit) October 15, 2020


β€” gaming disorder pawg (@roun_sa_ville) October 15, 2020


β€” Sam DeJarnette #BLM (@SamDejarnette) October 15, 2020


β€” dream song 4 (@chickenpaprika) October 16, 2020

BREAKING: Jason Derulo is falling into the Pope’s hands pic.twitter.com/iu4UhkNGLF

β€” zach silberberg (for hire) (@zachsilberberg) October 16, 2020


β€” nick nightingale (@nicksgoodtweets) October 15, 2020

I am in the hands of Pope Francis pic.twitter.com/bp0VzFxbZh

β€” Austin Easy-Ups (@BabDotCom) October 16, 2020

pope is hungry pic.twitter.com/ujXys9Us9J

β€” Michael Tannenbaum (@iamTannenbaum) October 16, 2020

The pope has immaculate taste pic.twitter.com/fY6EK9gMSu

β€” (Charlie Heat Version) (@YESEEGHOSTS) October 16, 2020

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