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Organize your must-have desktop items — even a tape measure! — with this beautiful organizer and get the free plans.

January is one of those months where people all over seem to shout into the air: ugh, I am SO disorganized! So, I figured: when every little bit counts, some of you guys may want to make this for your desk clutter. It’s an easy build, but I’ve got FREE PLANS to help you organize a desk near you (it’s been a minute since I offered new plans, so hopefully this is a sign of more to come in 2021!).

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These days, I try to include a video with my tutorials whenever possible, just in case it helps visualize the project a little better. You can check that out below or on my Instagram.

How to Make This Simple DIY Desk Organizer

Measuring at only 5-1/2″ deep, this organizer can pack quite a lot! For full measurements and instructions, you’ll need to download the free plans.

Cost: about $12 for the poplar — I usually have most other materials, so I bought the “pretty” wood on the outside and used scrap for the inner drawer.

1. Cut and assemble the drawer

The materials list suggests using all the same wood for this project, but I still tried to use scrap wood where I could, such as the drawer (since it’s all hidden from the outside, it’s a perfect spot to not need every piece to match). I cut the drawer first since I knew I wanted to use up scrap, but you can of course make the drawer after the outer organizer (there’s some space both at the top and back of the drawer, so you could potentially make the drawer slightly bigger than the plans if you wanted to).

desk organizer drawer assembly2. Glue up the back piece

The widest 1/2″…

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