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I’ve got some great new U-shaped “floating” shelves in my half bath, and I’ll show you how to make ’em!

Today, I’m showing you a room I haven’t shared much on the blog (and not for a LONG time!)… my downstairs half bath, just off the main hallway.

For the longest time, I’ve had a dinky little cabinet to serve as storage in this room. Because of the pedestal sink (something my uncle installed for me not long after moving in), I haven’t really given much thought to what else I might do in here. I always knew the cabinet was too small, but it’s only recently that I felt compelled to DO something about it.

powder room half bath with pedestal sink

In about an afternoon (plus a few more for spraying on paint), I got rid of the dumb little cabinet and constructed these great little black wall shelves that hold essentials and add some art to the half bath. It’s been a few months since I added them, but I think I got my original inspiration after seeing a photo at West Elm and thought, “I can make that from my scrap boards!” So that’s exactly what I did. 😊

added storage in the half bath with floating u shelves

This room is awaiting a larger makeover — color, pattern, a new mirror, and other upgrades — but I am so glad I started with these to save me an organizational headache while the room waits on my to-do list!

How to Make These U-Shaped Wall Shelves

Materials & Tools (makes 3 shelves)

**If you have a table saw or circular saw with a track guide, you can also rip down one 1x8x8ft board into 5-1/2″ wide, 1-1/2″ wide, and use the remaining strip to serve as the front lip of the shelf; this is cheaper than buying 3 different boards, but it requires a little more work.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

These U-shaped floating shelves take so…

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