An older dog took to a tiny stray kitten, and raised her into an adorable cat.


A family didn’t plan to bring home another cat, but a tiny kitten found her way through their door. Their 13-year-old resident dog Pax took her under his wing.

Morgan found the kitten alone outside when she heard her meows coming from the trees behind her farm. “We took one of our cats out to where she was crying, and he sniffed the kitten right out,” Morgan told Love Meow.

The kitten was in a tree stump, crying for help. Her cat mother never returned after hours of waiting, so Morgan took her inside and set her up in a warm bed. They named her Polly, and started bottle-feeding her around the clock.


“She could not see a thing and was covered in fleas. Pax loved her from day one,” Morgan shared with Love Meow.

The sweet Lab dog met the kitten after she got a much-needed bath. The little feline curled up next to him and went right to sleep.


At each mealtime, Pax would stand guard and patiently wait until the kitten finished her food. He would then clean her up and keep her company.

Polly grew very attached to her canine friend and would follow him around the house as soon as she figured out how to use her legs.


“She acts like a dog because the other cats avoided her for a few weeks so all she had was Pax, me and my husband,” Morgan added. “Pax and Polly do everything together.”

As the kitten grew bigger, their bond only became stronger.


The loving senior dog shares his bed with the kitten and lets her play with all his toys. Pax has taught her many canine things, and tolerates her every antic.

Watch Polly in this cute video:

Polly the kitten

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