Perhaps their beards gave them away.

There was a lumberjack, a sailor, a few superheroes and a pumpkin or two. But, despite the disguises, everyone knew they were Schnauzers.

About 50 costumed pooches raced around the Van Nuys’ Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park, happily sniffing and playing at the Los Angeles Schnauzer Meet-up for admirers of the breed.

Kimberly Mahler of Northridge and her miniature Schnauzer Simon put on the event.

Mahler, a Schnauzer owner since the age of 8, says about Schnauzers; “They are spunky, loyal, smart, and fun. For how small they are, they pack a lot of personality in them.” Just a few minutes at the park teeming with the little bearded canines confirmed her assessment.

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