Published On: October 16th, 2019Categories: Florida News

On Sunday night, a house in Pasco County resembled a scene out of the Investigation Discovery show “Fear Thy Neighbor.”

According to a police report, sheriff’s deputies responding to a disturbance call encountered a man sitting in his Ford Explorer backed into his neighbor’s house. The SUV had caused “significant damage.”

The vehicle was not running, but the keys were in the ignition. The defendant, Timothy Farmer, had a “strong odor of alcohol emanating from his mouth, slurred speech, bloodshot watery eyes” and had issues with balance.

During the interview Farmer was in an “inebriated state,” “speaking loudly and randomly, his right fist kept clenching and he would not answer questions,” according to the complaint. The 47-year-old admitted there was a “longstanding feud” between him and the occupants, but he did not believe they were there at the time. The one person inside the house was unharmed, deputies said.

“It was determined that the defendant intentionally hit the residence,” read the affidavit. “This act caused the vehicle to make illegal entry into the home.”

Farmer was arrested on charges including DUI, burglary residence occupied, resisting arrest, driving with license suspended or revoked and felony criminal mischief.

Pasco building inspectors temporarily condemned the home for structural integrity.

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