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Product Description

Cooksir cooktopCooksir cooktop


electric cooktop 24 inchelectric cooktop 24 inch

Your temperature, your way.

Juggling multiple pots and pans on different power levels can be confusing and frustrating.An intuitively designed control panel allows you to select the cooking zones and set the specific power level you want – quickly and easily.

30 electric cooktop30 electric cooktop

Easily Wipe The Worst Mess

The continuous glass surface of Cooksir cooktops are a snap to clean because dirt, dust, and food have nowhere to hide. A gentle wipe with a damp cloth removes most accidents.

24 inch electric cooktop24 inch electric cooktop

Great Safety Features

ChildLock – Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentally Switched On, Locks Temperature Settings if in UseCount Up Timer – Stopwatch Function That Enables Close Monitoring of the Progress of Each Dish

electric flat stove topelectric flat stove top

Consistent results every time.

Cooksir electric cooktop the perfect amount of heat, without having to fidget with temperature settings. So every pancake comes out golden brown and every steak is seared to perfection. The sensor regulates the temperatures continously during frying and adjusts them precisely if needed.

electric cooktop 24 inchelectric cooktop 24 inch

30 electric cooktop30 electric cooktop

24 inch electric cooktop24 inch electric cooktop

electric flat stove topelectric flat stove top

cooktop stove electriccooktop stove electric

Heater Surface Material Type
Non-abrasive glass Non-abrasive glass Vitro Ceramic Glass Vitro Ceramic Glass Non-abrasive glass Non-abrasive glass

Electrical Supply
220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz

Total Power
7000W 3500W 6000W 3000W 6000W 3000W

Control Ways
Knob Control Knob Control Sensor Touch Sensor Touch Knob Control Knob Control

\ \ 0-99 minutes 0-99 minutes \ \

Installation Type
drop in drop in drop in drop in drop in drop in

23.22″ X20.4″ X2.2″ 11.4″ X20.4″ X2.4″ 23.22″ X20.4″ X1.73″ 11.4″ X20.4″ X1.73″ 23.22″ X20.4″ X2.12″ 11.4″ X 20.4″ X 2.12″

19.8lbs 11.02lbs 19.4lbs 11.02lbs 20.7lbs 11.02lbs

【9 Power Levels&Easy to Use Front Controls】Cooksir electric cooktop features illuminated touch controls with 9 highly precise power settings allowing for easy cleaning.Controls located on the front of the cooktop allows you to adjust the temperature without reaching over hot items.
【Ceramic Glass Electric Stove Top】For a more beautiful cooktop that’s easy to clean.Because the surface stays relatively cool, spills, splatters, or occasional boil-overs don’t burn onto the cooktop, making clean-up quick and easy.
【4-zone Element】Match element size to a variety of cookware with the industry-exclusive 4-zone element.Accommodate large cookware alike with Cooksir cooktop. Inductors divide into 4 cooking zones to welcome pots and pans from 6.5-inches to 8-inches long. For culinary moments that call for precision, Cooksir cooktop gives you the power to perfect every dish, for any occasion.
【Great Safety Features】This electric cooktop comes with some great Safety Features such as a Child Lock,Timer,Residual Heat Indicator (showing you if it is still hot) and an Automatic Safety Switch Off – Making this Hob Great for Young Families as well as The Old.
【User Friendly Electric Cooktop】Comes 3.2ft premium conduited power cord fixed to the electric cooktop, DIY installation with basic handy skills. Perfectly well packed and avoids any damage during shipment. Please confirm if the cooktop is suitable before purchasing: 220~240V/60Hz, product size (WxDxH): 23.22” x 20.4” x 1.73”, cut out size :(WxD): 22.04” x 19.29′