The world of tattoo is full of surprises and fascinating finds for anyone on the lookout for products outside mainstream shopping circles. We are delighted to present you with some of them in our new feature SHOPPINK which homes in on objects, curious finds and brands to keep an eye out for so you don’t miss them in the morass of the web.

ELIXIR is a Canadian brand (based in Toronto) specialising in skin products which have made a splash with their philosophy of natural, cruelty and animal free products, not to mention their stylish image. Here to talk to us about it is Amani Abouchahine @im.amani who sums it up in just four words: effective, clean, vegan, and beautiful.

Testimonial (for the photos)

Why did you develop this line of products?
I wanted to create a product that checked off all the boxes and didn’t compromise in any area. Effective, clean, vegan, and beautiful. These 4 elements were important to me and something I saw wasn’t out there already. Creating clean and vegan products was important as these are the fundamental values of our brand. Ensuring cruelty-free, animal-free products that are natural and organic but actually work and deliver results. My background was in branding so we spent extensive time on the packaging and look and feel of the product as well. We wanted it to feel luxurious, premium, something that would be beautiful on your nightstand or bathroom vanity. Our customers spend so much time and money on getting their Tattoos; we wanted to offer them a solution to keep them looking brand new and feel good about doing it. We went with a sleek matte black bottle that is bold while still being understated and gender-neutral.

When typically thinking of Tattoo care products, the majority of products on the market currently focus and target care immediately after getting a Tattoo. However, we wanted to think more big picture – Tattoos inevitably fade and lose their vibrancy over time and that is the…

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