It was 23rd May 2000 when the entire world finally noticed one of the fundamental rappers of the third millennium, and main subject of numerous tattoos…

The release date, how could we ever forget, was 23rd May 2000. Exactly twenty years ago, give or take a day.

Jay Hutton, Adrenaline Tattoo Studio, Ellesmere Port, UK

The previous offering, The Slim Shady LP, the debut album from Eminem had hit the record shops in early 1999, already announcing the talent of the rising star of white rap, but the follow-up The Marshall Mathers LP was something even more dangerous and groundbreaking. The title, which bore the real name of Eminem), spoke loud and clear: this time the impoverished dishwasher from Detroit would be going much further when it came to personal confessions and controversial opinions. It promised to be gloves off in this verbal fight.

Mat Rule, Private Studio, Paris, France

And the wider public (not just the hiphop community) would realise this straight away seeing as how The Marshall Mathers LP sold nearly one million eight hundred copies in the US alone within one week of being released. Over time, it would sell a dizzying twenty million copies worldwide.

Winning a Grammy in 2001 for Best Rap Album, this second album from Eminem is still listed today in the most authoritative music press as a must have for the new millennium, and – together with The Eminem Show which came out in 2002 – is deemed the artistic masterpiece of the peroxide blond rapper.

David Corden, Semper Tattoo, Edinburgh, UK

Which, it so happens, the artist himself agrees with, in a famous interview in 2013 going so far as to say: “Want to talk about The Marshall Mathers LP? Ok, it’s probably my favourite album of the all the work I’ve done. I hate to admit it, it sounds a bit pretentious, but I think my first three records really captured and described an era”. Hard to argue with that.

Takis Thirtysevens, Godfathers Tattoo, Nuremberg, Germany

Even the cover, in this case,…

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