Gamers have always been a combative group — as the nature of video games pits a player against a team of computer baddies or other humans. This, of course, branched out to the home console fandoms themselves, which is collectively known as the notorious “console wars”. In this eternal battle, gamers attack and mock the faults of the other side while attempting to establish their superiority.

The greatest battles in this war were fought between Xbox and PlayStation fans, and as the 2000s pressed on, the big three of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo would stand defiant over the other now-defunct console competitors of old.

Over the years, the console wars have somewhat fizzled out as income streams among gamers increased and game exclusivity dropped (outside of first-party titles). In a hilarious twist of irony as the latest generation of Microsoft and Sony consoles were revealed, all gamers became united. United, that is, in making memes out of the designs and more recently the botched launches of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

The consoles themselves are solid upgrades over their predecessors, yet the designs for the consoles have been ridiculed and parodied since their unveiling. Interestingly, the Xbox Series S and the PS5 have taken opposite approaches in the design space.

Some of the earliest memes included Xbox Series X parodies that have been mostly associated with the console’s rectangular, cuboid shape. Not too dissimilar from the Xbox One, it’s very minimalist, likely to keep attention off itself as well as taking up smaller shelf space. As such, the main parody has been on the brick-like shape and replacing similar objects with the Xbox Series X, such as the infamous fridge, which Microsoft even turned into a real-life product.

On the other side of the battle, the PS5 attempted to set itself apart from the parallelogram shape of the PlayStation 4. Unlike the flatter design of the PS4, the PS5 is vertical with two long pieces of plastic…

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