Price: $8.99
(as of May 14,2021 04:18:44 UTC – Details)

Etmact Latex Balloons are lots of fun at a party, when they are twisted, bent and folded into unique shapes, they become extra special and even fun to learn to make yourself.

Etmact Latex Balloons are the best choice for seasoned pro, kids or who is beginning to learn how to make balloon animals and art.

Material: 100% natural latex
Color: assorted Colors
Quantity: 200 balloons and 1 pump

Package includes:
200 x Latex Balloons
1 x Pump

Made of 100% natural high-quality latex, non-toxic and tasteless, elastic thickening material and do not explode easily.
These 260Q balloons before inflation length 29-30 cm long; after inflation length 110-130 cm long which is ideal for balloon art.
Recommend blowing them up with the pump, difficult to blow up with your mouth. Inflatable not too full front like to leave a little space, easy to weave animal shapes.
Perfect for any festival,wedding,anniversary, graduation, birthday party, or other party decoration. They can weave any shape you can think of, like animals, people, fruits and etc.
Package includes 100 pcs latex balloons in various colors( red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, pink and etc.) and 1 pump(The air pump may have different colors).