American Rock band FAITH & SCARS has released the official music video for their Southern rock styled single, “Long Way Home.”

Directed by Roger Glenn and Jaiden Hord Frost, “Long Way Home” is off the band’s upcoming album, Revolver, due out October 17th, 2020.

“This is the 4th video from our upcoming album Revolver. This could be interpreted as the revolver’s origin story.

‘Long Way Home’ is a departure from our trilogy, ‘Breathe’, ‘No Apologies’, & ‘Never the Same’. It introduces a new storyline, representing persistence & balance. We wrote ‘Long Way Home’ as a reminder to remain grounded, in tune with yourself, & focused in the midst of the storm that is life. Oftentimes life will strike us like a tidal wave. Saying it can be hard to endure is an understatement. The lyrics promote positive state of mind, & self caring. We believe that, especially in the unknown, taking that extra moment to breathe, relax, and re-align with oneself is crucial to maintaining a positive mindset..” – FAITH & SCARS

“This was the biggest production we’ve done so far, and it was a blast!! We had an amazing experience hopping back in time, & reimagining ourselves in The Wild West, 1885. When we were pitching ideas for this shoot, Roger remembered visiting “Wild Bill’s Western Town – Shadowhawk” in high school. Shadowhawk is located just minutes from where Roger grew up in Smithfield, North Carolina. It’s a replica Wild West town built in 1997 by former Hollywood actor Bill Drake. Drake played roles in episodes of Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and appeared in a number of ’70s-era Westerns.

Shadowhawk was much more than a backdrop for us. Being on set was indescribable. There’s a real energy about that little western town that threw us back in time. It suspended our disbelief & for that entire shoot, we lived the roles. We felt like real life cowboys. Definitely a childhood dream come true! On top of the mind blowing experience, the staff…

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