“Falcon Punch” has been used extensively in memes online throughout the 2000s. The earliest and top definition for the phrase on Urban Dictionary [2] was submitted by Jim Fields on September 2nd, 2005, who wrote, “An extremely animated and/or self-narrated punch that resembles that dealt by Captain Falcon (of SNES game F-Zero) in the Nintendo video game Super Smash Brothers. Usually accompanied by the screaming of the phrase ‘Falcon Punch!'”

There are over 48 definitions for “Falcon Punch” on Urban Dictionary. The phrase also has a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica, [1] and developed a sizable presence on other sites including Falcon Punch has since spread to Tumblr[3], Oh Internet[4] and Youtube[5]. Early image macros about the phrase joked that the Falcon Punch would be an effective way to abort a pregnancy (examples shown below).

On January 25th, 2008, YouTuber 3vocd published a parody video in which Kirby says “Falcon Punch!” while using Captain Falcon’s power in the original Super Smash Brothers set to the tune of “Gourmet Race.” The video has gained over 3 million views in thirteen years (shown below).

When Two Falcon Punches Collide

When Two Falcon Punches Collide is series of Super Smash Brothers parody videos in which two Captain Falcons have their Falcon Punches connect at the same time, commonly resulting in serious disaster. For example, YouTube user KlydeStorm[6] shows the collision resulting in a Blue Screen of Death.

There have been multiple parodies of KlydeStorm’s video with different endings (examples shown below).

Various Examples

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