A family planned to adopt a kitten but couldn’t leave her cat mother behind.

Jan @kittygarden626

A couple of months ago, a cat and her only kitten were brought to the ASPCA in Los Angeles for a chance at a better life.

Jan, a volunteer of the shelter, took them in so they could be in a home environment until the right family came along. The 4-week-old kitten (named Sparrow) clung to her doting cat mom who tended to her every need.

“It was clear that the mom (Robin) took good care of her kitten, and I could tell she was used to being taken care of by people. She seemed fine to let me pet her baby right after they came out of the carrier,” Jan told Love Meow.

Jan @kittygarden626

The pair explored around their new room, but always stayed close to each other. Mama Robin walked up to her foster mom for some pets while Sparrow waddled around, checking every nook and cranny.

The mother and daughter share a special bond. Robin would communicate with her kitten by calling to her in adorable coos and chirps.

Jan @kittygarden626

“When Sparrow was still nursing, Robin seemed to have this certain chirpy call she would make to her kitten as if to say, ‘come on, get over here for milky time!'”

Sparrow had learned to eat big kitty food by imitating her mom, but still insisted on getting snacks at the milk-bar throughout the day. “She continued nursing from mom until about 6-7 weeks old,” Jan added.

Jan @kittygarden626

Robin showed her kitten how to play with toys, and enjoyed scampering around the room, playing tag with her baby. When she lay down for a break, Sparrow would mischievously pounce on her with a hug attack.

Mama Robin didn’t mind her kitten’s many antics and would try to “tame” her with baths before they both drifted off to a nap in a cuddle puddle.

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