A little pint-sized kitten fought hard to live after he was rejected by his mom.

Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinness

Two weeks ago, Beth Walden and her family were contacted about a tiny “runt” who was in urgent need of rescue. The 3-week-old kitten was just the size of a newborn and had been rejected by his cat mom.

“He was just so tiny it was shocking. But I knew he was a little fighter since he had made it three weeks in the condition he was in,” Beth told Love Meow.

“He didn’t know how to latch when I first got him. I had to basically dribble the formula in his mouth and he would drink it.”

Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinness

The little feline couldn’t see due to an eye infection. At the time, they didn’t know if both of his eyes would be saved, but they were determined to help him heal.

After a couple of days, the kitten (named Guinness) figured out how to eat from a syringe and started to put on weight. That’s when they knew he was going to make it.

Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinness

Beth was feeding him every hour around the clock, through many sleepless nights. Once his appetite improved, he tripled the amount of food intake.

Guinness likes to curl up on his human after every meal and fall right to sleep. He is so small but has such a warrior spirit.

Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinness

“Guinness is definitely a cuddler. He sleeps with me and is just starting to figure out his purring,” Beth told Love Meow.

“He’s wrapped up like a purrito then I snuggle him. He tucks his head in and crawls out when he wakes up.”

Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinness

Over time, his eyes cleared up and recovered fully. He could finally open them wide and reveal just how gorgeous they were.

The tiny kitten continued to make strides every…

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