If you go out dressed as an apple for Halloween, will you return as a baked apple?

If you trick or treat in much of Florida, the answer is affirmative. Carry a dollop of cool whipped cream — if not for a costume accessory than for relief.

Follow it with some ice water.

Heat index readings in the upper 90s to low 100s are expected from Miami to Orlando and from Marathon to Bradenton on Wednesday and Thursday, prompting hazardous weather outlooks in many parts of the state, according to the National Weather Service.

Blame it on a strong high pressure system out in the Atlantic, says Fox 35 meteorologist Jayme King in Orlando.

“When you factor in the humidity, temperatures will feel like the upper 90s during peak afternoon heating,” King said.

Granted, the nights will be cooler with minimal rain chance — about 81 degrees in Miami and a downright brisk 62-degree low Thursday night in Gainesville.

Maybe dress up as a Gator and do it on University of Florida’s turf.

Tips on staying cool

Consider lighter costumes, ones without plastic face masks that’ll make you sweat. (And obstruct your vision.)

Hydrate. You might want M&Ms and Kit Kat bars in your bag, but carry a bottle of water. Or, if you expect to get really hot, sports drinks so you can replenish the salt and minerals you’ll lose when sweating.

Pace yourself. So says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You don’t have to hit every house on the block. You know who gives out Tootsie Rolls, tricks and pennies. Why get your hopes up in this heat?

Party indoors. And if you’re of age, watch the booze. Alcohol dehydrates.

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