It’s the age old question: How do we juggle all that we do?

The work/life balance struggle is real.

Online resume builder Zety recently came out with a study measuring Americans’ lifestyles and how much time we spend away from home.

The September study took into account hours at work plus time commuting in a week, then figured out how much actual free time we had on our hands.

Though Florida didn’t come in dead last, we’re in the bottom five.

Out of 50 states, that doesn’t sound like such great shakes to us, especially with all our great beaches and weather to enjoy (or not).

Too bad we’re either hunched over computers or sitting in our cars.

“In our ‘always on’ culture, it’s become the norm to prioritize your career over life outside of work,” say researchers of the study, which says that the average American spends over four hours a week commuting.

This is not good news, by any stretch, especially for our overall well-being (World Mental Health Day is Thursday, FYI).

“Work-life balance is crucial to maintaining general well-being and long-term productivity,” says Zety’s editor-in-chief Bart Turczynski. “Problem is, we don’t really leave work when we leave the office.”

Don’t feel too distraught. The No. 1 state in which workers have the least amount of free time is Alaska. Then come Washington, Virginia and Maryland.

The folks with the most free time on their hands? They live in Utah.

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