Vincenzo Scuruchi is a self-taught sculptor. Born in Calabria, today he lives in Rome. This utterly unique artist is able to create the most incredible sculpture by simply carving fruit.

Vincenzo Scuruchi

Put an avocado, watermelon, ginger root or even a pumpkin in the talented hands of Vincenzo and you will witness a magic spectacle of creative art. Before your very eyes, using nothing other than a simple carving tool, he manages to turn a banana into the head of a snake, an apple into a special optical effect or a humble egg into a hypnotic work of art.

Avocado Puzzle by Vincenzo Scuruchi

“I love to dig deep. I observe a piece of fruit and while I am looking at it, based on the emotion I need to express at that moment, at a certain point I try to get it to appear in visual form, and then I let it go. The process is fast, I can’t draw over it or waste too much time thinking about it, I’m really instinctive, fruit and veg doesn’t leave you much time to mull things over. Sometimes I then eat the carvings if I want to hold onto the emotion and other times I leave them to die.”

Hi Vincenzo, I’m delighted to have you here on planet Tattoo Life and get a chance to show our public your innovative creations…
Hi to you Claudia and all the readers of Tattoo Life.

So Vincenzo, would you like to tell us about how you started carving fruit? Is there a history of this practice?
The origins of carving are very old indeed and go back as far as around 1360, during the Sukhothai dynasty. When the consort of his Majesty King Phra Ruang created an arrangement of carved fruit and vegetables on the occasion of the Loy Kratong festival, the King was so pleased with it that he ordered from that day on that all the women in the Royal Court learn to carve fruit and vegetables. At the outset only a few were allowed to practice this art and it was only in 1939 that this discipline was introduced into the school curriculum. Even today, it is considered one of the ten most…

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