FromSoftware has (finally) announced updates to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

In an announcement posted to the Sekiro website yesterday, FromSoftware announced several free additions to Sekiro_, including the ability to replay bosses, change your outfit, and leave online “remnants,” a system comparable to the message system that’s standard in FromSoftware’s other major franchise, “_Dark Souls”:/memes/subcultures/dark-souls.

We are humbled by all the #Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice players around the world! For your continued enjoyment, we will be releasing a small update on October 29, 2020 to challenge, help, and reward fans.
Free for all players. Learn more here

— Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice (@sekirothegame) July 29, 2020

In typical FromSoftware fashion, the update left some details vague. For example, the update says a “Gauntlet of Strength” mode will be added to the game but doesn’t offer a description of what that means. Vaatividya, YouTube’s resident dulcet-toned FromSoftware expert, speculated that this may refer to a boss rush mode and further speculated that the update would bring a “no-death” challenge to Sekiro. He also pondered on the fate of Sekiro DLC or a potential sequel.

Since its release in March of 2019, there’s been no news on possible downloadable content or a sequel, both of which seem very possible considering the open-ended nature of the game’s “true” ending. Furthermore, Sekiro won Game Of The Year at the 2019 Game Awards and sold over 5 million copies, so the critical and commercial desire for more Sekiro content is clearly there.

Online, the announcement stoked the embers of fans desperately craving more Sekiro content.




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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has surpassed 5…

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