Is gaming on the blockchain set to be the next big blockchain revolution? The international gaming industry is huge, it’s a thriving community based around game developers and game players all of whom have one thing in common, a love for gaming, which as we know, also translates to a love for technology too.

Digital gaming often requires high-end computers, many of which are built by the gamers themselves, therefore it is safe to assume that people within the gaming community are keen on inviting new and bright technologies into their industry. This is where the blockchain comes into play.

Blockchain technology promises to revolutionise the way gaming works. These days, it’s no longer about CD’s and Blu-ray discs that contain the game which is played directly from the disc, instead, players tend to download and save fully playable games on their Xbox One, their PlayStation 4 or via Steam (or similar) on their gaming computer or PC.

Each console includes a built-in marketplace that allows gamers to explore and purchase new games to save and play for themselves.

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By integrating blockchain technology with these marketplaces, the entire process of finding, downloading and installing games can be dramatically improved. Blockchain technology will help games be packaged more efficiently, so gamers can download and install faster. Thanks to cryptography and authentication processes, the blockchain can be used to fully license and authorise these games – a problem that has plagued the gaming industry for years is piracy, fake downloads and unofficial copies of games can be shared via rogue marketplaces, however by using blockchain technology, only legitimate games will be able to exist, thanks to complex contracts written onto the chain. Moreover, the blockchain can also be used by gamers, to prove they are using legitimate copies of the game.

Will the blockchain revolutionise gaming?

Yes, we think so. As we have stated, the gaming industry is huge and is one that is built upon a passion for innovation and advanced technology. Therefore, it is expected that over time, as the blockchain becomes more mainstream, game producers and hardware manufacturers will start to explore this technology in great depth. We are already seeing things like smartphones built to work on the blockchain, so we can safely assume that it won’t be long before game consoles and games themselves are built with a native blockchain streak too.

The future is blockchain, the gaming industry already knows that.

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