Student loan debt has become so bad for many expat Kiwis – some of whom owe more than $400,000 each – that they are too scared to return home for fear of being arrested at the border.

More than 100,000 student loan borrowers are living overseas. The top 10 outstanding borrowers collectively owe $4.28 million – an average of $428,000 each.

A Herald investigation into the country’s $16 billion student loan debt has found many Kiwis, both here and overseas, are struggling to repay the money they borrowed while studying between 1992 and 2017.

And the burden of carrying those

Man arrested at airport over student loan debt is Cook Island Prime Minister’s nephew

Woman arrested at airport over student loan debt

Third person arrested at the border over student loan debt, as Govt ramps up crackdown on borrowers

Generation Debt

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