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Is anyone crying for help? God is listening, ready to rescue you. If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath. ~Psalm 34:17–18, The Message translation

Has grief knocked your breath out of you?
Everybody experiences grief, loss, and life challenges throughout their lives. Most are unprepared for their grief and the impact it will have. Grief is brutal and has a way of making you feel as though everything good in your life is slowly being crushed, leaving you gasping for air.
Although painful to experience, grief is one of the most powerful teachers you can learn from. When one goes through grief or loss, the invaluable opportunity to understand, love, and know God better immediately begins—He is the key to creating a fuller, more purposeful life in spite of grief.
In Getting Your Breath Back After Life Knocks It Out of You, K.B.H. Niles transparently shares her experiences with grief and loss. She reveals how her relationship with God helped her grieve multiple deaths, including the deaths of her sister, father, and grandparents, after she found God in the midst of her pain.
How do you get your breath back after life knocks it out of you?
K.B.H. Niles explains key “oxygens” God revealed to her as she studied His Word during times of intense grief.

In Getting Your Breath Back After Life Knocks It Out of You, you will find how to:

• Develop a treasured relationship with God
• Regain your faith and hope
• Resolve bitterness, guilt, and regrets
• Find the encouragement you need during grief
• Understand the importance of relationships
• Value God’s time through grief and life
• Realize the importance of grieving in your own unique way
• Develop gratefulness, thankfulness, and praise
• Experience wellness, traditions, and enjoyment
• Create a fuller, more purposeful life