For Halloween, half the fun in picking a costume is going out as something you are not.

Maybe this is why the angel costume is going to be Florida’s most popular costume choice Thursday, according to Google Trends data curated by AT&T.

The survey looked at 2018’s top Halloween costumes — the “Baywatch” lifeguard look was deemed Florida’s pick last year, perhaps owing to the proximity of the made in Miami Beach movie version of the TV series — and the 2019 Google data on trending costumes.

But Florida Man’s going to to be an angel this year? That’s, uh, inspired.

That’s how it goes with these surveys, though.

For every obvious, such as the Hawaii prediction of mermaids, “others seemed to have zero correlation” like Wisconsin and ninja costumes this year, according to AT&T. Guess going out as a hunk of cheese, or last year’s popular T-Rex in that state, felt too obvious.

Some other trends:

Ten states including Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire and Ohio, are opting for an ‘80s revival, perhaps inspired by TV’s ‘80s-themed series like “American Horror Story: 1984” and HBO’s just-concluded final season of “The Deuce,” which was set in 1985.

Batman’s big in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, New Jersey and Oklahoma. (What, no love for the Joker?)

The Black Panther is expected to continue its popular superhero reign on the East Coast with Delaware, DC, Georgia, Maryland and South Carolina folks slipping into the Marvel Comics’ character’s costume.

Animals outdid creepy crawly creatures. For instance, bears are big in Alaska. But no state is trending toward spiders. Though Spider-Man is webslinging over Utah, according to the Google Trends figures.

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