Governor Kay Ivey announced today that Alabama’s preliminary, seasonally adjusted February unemployment rate is 2.5%, tying the all-time record low, down from January 2023’s rate of 2.6%, and below February 2022’s rate of 2.6%. February 2023’s rate represents 56,221 unemployed persons, a new record low, compared to 58,392 in January 2023 and 58,943 in February of 2022.

“Once again, we’ve hit a record low unemployment rate,” said Governor Ivey. “While it may seem like we break these records month after month, we know that even with record low unemployment, we still have a duty to provide good, quality jobs to every Alabamian who wants one. I’m proud of our economic successes and reaffirm my commitment to continue to work to make this state the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

Wage and salary employment, totaling 2,133,500 in February, increased 15,900 over the month. Monthly gains were seen in the professional and business services sector (+3,800), the…

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