Gwyneth Kate Paltrow is a singer, actress, and writer. She was born September 27, 1972. Her mother is also a well-known actress, Blythe Danner. She has been involved with plays and with films since she was a very young child. Her mom often took her to the set with her on her various projects. Her father was a producer so she was often with him at his various locations too.
Paltrow’s first role was in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. She is a very intelligent woman, and did well in school. She was enrolled at the University of California in Santa Barbara, pursuing a degree in art history. She was performing in Picnic with her mother and decided she wanted to focus on acting so she quit school.

Before she was an actress, she had a great modeling career. She had a contract with Esprit Clothing for several years. Her first real movie role was in 1991 with John Travolta in Shout. She spent a year in Spain when she was 15 as an exchange student. This is when she learned to speak Spanish.

She has a long list of A list stars that she once dated. She was engaged to Brad Pitt for a period of time, but broke it off in 1997. She stated it was impossible for the two of them to fulfill their dreams of successful acting careers and also put the necessary effort into their relationships. She also dated Ben Affleck for approximately a year before they went their separate ways.

People Magazine named her the Most Beautiful Woman in 2013. She was quite shy about winning such an award. She has been an advocate for women after suffering from Post-Partum Depression in 2006. She is also an ambassador for Save the Children.

She began a career in singing in 2000 with the encouragement of her husband. He is in the band, Coldplay. She mainly sticks to duets with others and doesn’t plan a long term singing career. She began promoting Estee Lauder products in 2005.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently announced that she and her, Chris Martin, have separated. The couple have two children and they were married in 2003. She has won several awards including an Academy Award for best Actress. She recently was criticized by fans after stating in the media that nothing is harder than her job. She says it was taken out of context and says she has respect for all working parents out there no matter what job they may have.