Price: $39.99
(as of May 13,2021 20:14:49 UTC – Details)

With a nice flow water from the giant inflatable penguin arch sprinkler, any fun loving parents can run under the sprinkler with kids, having a blast for several hours, definitely bring lots of summer fun during hot days!

2020 Latest penguin design sprinkler
Stronger & better – durable 0.30mm PVC materials
Higher & bigger – 80*40*75inch

What you need
(1) An air pump or compressor to blow up the inflatable penguin water sprinkler toy
(2) A hose to connect with the sprinkler (Recommend a light weight stretchy hose)
(Both not included in the package)

Item in the package
(1) An inflatable penguin sprinkler
(2) Patch kit

The summer water toy need to be inflatable firstly and then connect the hose to sprinkle water from the penguin.

STRONGER & BETTER – Durable 0.30mm PVC materials (others use 0.25mm usually), stronger to keep the summer outside fun. Patch kit also included.
HIGHER & BIGGER – 80*40*75inch, larger inflatable arch sprinkler suitable for kids and adults playing together.
2020 LATEST PENGUIN DESIGN – Upgrade penguin version, unique design for backyard summer water games.
HAPPY FAMILY SUMMER TIME – Parents can run under the ginormous sprinkler with kids, definitely having a blast for several hours during hot days.
NOT ONLY A SPRINKLER TOY – Could be used as a special gadget to float in the swimming pool and a party decoration, having varieties different roles in life.