We met her as a tattoo artist and admired her for her works on skin. We then discovered a funny and absolutely open minded girl who plays with her image in a pleasant way. In addiction to an extensive article that you will soon find on Tattoo Life, Jessica Svartvit is the protagonist of our regular feature Haven a Nice Weekend, in which she tells us about her passion for music, her first tattoo and her clothing line SVIT, which is her passion.

Jessica Svartvit

Hi Jessica, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello! My name’s Jessica. I’m a 28 years old tattoo artist and creator from Hamburg.

Jessica Svartvit

On this occasion, we are not going to talk about you as a tattoo artist – because soon you will find a long article published in Tattoo Life magazine – but you as a tattoo collector. So let’s start from your collection. What was your very first tattoo and who was the artist?
My very first tattoo, on both of my feet, were the lyrics “we walk in circles” written by my sister’s handwriting. It’s a quote from a hard-core punk band called Killing the Dream. It was done by a guest artist at No Pain No Gain in Ulm, Germany.

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How did you get the other ones, and which one you love the most?
Honestly, I never had a plan about the creation and the composition of my sleeves or legs. I just started to collect memories. At the moment I am covering a lot of old stuff on my legs with heavy black work. On myself I really love my hand tattoos (ones from Cacobill and the other one from Sebastian Reschke) I am super in love with my neck tattoo already, although it is not finished yet. Done by my friend and former colleague Julian Hets.

Jessica Svartvit

What would you like your tattoos to have and to convey?
It should tell a story or it should remind you of the time in your life when this tattoo was created. I also love to think back about the whole process. Of course it should be clean, crispy and solid work in the…

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