ADAMSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT)– An Adamsville woman is now warning others to take COVID-19 seriously after contracting the virus.

In a Facebook post, LaShun Tanniehill shared her symptoms before getting back a positive test.

Tanniehill says, initially, she believed people were over-reacting to the pandemic.

“I just thought it was being blown out of proportion,” she says over a video interview.

She’s been giving updates over Facebook, keeping people informed about her symptoms. Tanniehill works in healthcare but did not disclose her employer.

“They [employer] took action from the time I told them that I was sick. You know, they put gloves on and masks on to protect themselves,” Tanniehill said. “Everybody stayed back six feet. They didn’t get into my space, so they did everything they were supposed to do. The department that I work in, I have to wear PPE anyway, so we are in a gown and we are in gloves, so I didn’t have any contact with anyone.”

Tanniehill is spending two weeks in quarantine with her mother and son. She’s encouraging everyone to stay home if you can and help stop the spread of COVID-19.


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