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The temporary tattoo stencil include Large size tattoos template 10 x A4 size Temporary Tattoo Stencil with 43 large size different Patterns for body, patterns Suitable for adult men, women, kids, boys, girls, teens..
1.The temporary tattoo Stencil is very good tool and helper for Body Art,Glitter Tattoos,Henna Tattoos ,temporary tattoos.
2.Easy to use and remove, It is very convenient to decorate your hands, face, body, chest and other occasion such as decorate your wall, box and so on.
3.Add glitter or other colours with a paintbrush for a special effect.
4, it is Made in soft PVC, which is durable. If you are cautious and careful enough when use, they can be reusable for a few times more.

How To Use:

1. Clean the surface of the area to be used before use.
2. pick up the template and adhesive side down the area you want to use.
3. Fill in the henna body paint.
4. Wait a few minutes until the tattoo dry.
5.remove stencil get the final result..
large size Temporary Tattoo Stencils —–10 sheet temporary henna tattoo stencil, includes 43 different patterns. Dragon, wolf, gecko, lion, fox, eagle, Scorpion, owl, brid, animals style patterns . Variety of options to meet your every need.
Diversity of usage—Tattoo Templates for man can be used body arms,shoulders,hands, ankles,chest,back etc.It is a great helper for the tattoo kit. Besides, It can also be used on other objects with smooth surfaces, so that you or your kids fell free to create any scene by using their endless imagination and creativity.
Easy To Use — The body tattoo stencils are self-adhesive and removable, just find the one you like and stick it on your body, then fill in the hollow, finally tear off it, Beautiful tattoos will be done, easy and no any pain.
Safe and Reuseable—the materials of our henna tattoo stencil is safe and durable. If you are careful enough when using, the tattoo templates can be reused a few times.
Fun experience—It is an interesting experience to finish a beautiful tattoo to decorate your body by yourself, Using tattoo templates makes it easy, Don’t hesitate just do it. It is also a good gift for friends