The rebooted Higurashi When They Cry TV anime has released a series of character introductions featuring Maebara Keiichi, Ryugu Rena, Houjou Satoko, Furude Rika, and Sonozaki Mion!

Maebara Keiichi, played by Hoshi Souichirou, is a boy who has just moved to the village from the city. Naturally curious and possessing a hot-blooded spirit, he comes to discover that his new residence is home to a terrible mystery.

Ryugu Rena, played by Nakahara Mai, is Keiichi’s classmate. With a huge love of cute things, she tends to take them home upon discovery.

Houjou Satoko, played by Kanai Mika, is a girl in the class below Keiichi and Rena. With a posh yet grammatically strange accent, she is extremely competitive but also has a cheeky side to her.

Furude Rika, played by Tamura Yukari, is a strange girl who plays the miko role at the local Watanagashi Festival every June. She sometimes displays a calmness beyond her years.

Sonozaki Mion, played by Yukino Satsuki, is a girl in the class above Keiichi and Rena. Despite her tendency to talk like an old man at times, she is loved by all around her for her caring disposition.

Higurashi When They Cry’s TV anime reboot airs from July.

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