Directly from Mexico City we are glad to introduce you to Mariana (aka @mariscuis): a beautiful girl who is in love with art, folklore and history – she is a deep, “nostalgic person”, and a natural seeker. Among the many passions that she cultivates (including martial arts), there is also the one for tattoos… Let’s explore her world together!


Do you want to tell us your story and describe yourself to our readers?
Hello! My name is Mariana, I am Mexican and I belong to the fourth generation of historians; I grew up in a big family, in love with the art, culture and roots of Mexico. I was surrounded by nature, and that always made me dream of ancient times in Mexico. For some years I worked for a museum, which has the largest collection of Mexican folk art, and I had the chance to meet the best indigenous artists in the country! This motivated me to create a collaborative project that is quite new.

Mariscuis by Gerardo Mercado

Where are you at the moment? What is your background? What are your passions and your hobbies?
I live in Mexico City, I lived all my life in a house that my grandparents built and that house was surrounded by many books, antiques and even archaeological pieces. My work is not that different from what I liked about that house, and I dedicate myself to researching, managing cultural projects and selling folk art. I am currently learning to weave in ancient techniques from Mexico and Europe. Another hobby that I have is martial arts that I have practiced since I was 10 years old.

Mariscuis with Guy le Tatooer

Tell us some more about it…
I have practiced martial arts since I was a child! I believe that growing up in a country like Mexico – where everything is chaos – is necessary to learn a little discipline. Besides that, it is also important to learn to defend oneself. Something that I love about martial arts is that I can learn about other cultures through physical practice, I like to think that they are…

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