Actress Rachel McAdams arrives at "The Lucky Ones" premiere during the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival held at the Roy Thomson Hall on September 10, 2008 in Toronto, Canada

Famous Actress Rachel McAdams Signs Autographs

Start with asking yourself a question; what are you doing this for? Is it the money, the fame, or truly your talent, the acting? If it’s not TRULY acting, you are not going to get anywhere!

  1. If you passion is acting, start with local theaters. Look for any parts you can get. You want to build up your resume and get experience as soon as possible.
  2. Then, go and try to get classes from a professional acting school. It cost some money but if you want to become famous then this is just an investment to build your career. You can get cheap classes. If you are good, you might be able to jump to the advance classes but you have to get the approval of your teachers.
  3. Try to search for auditions in your local theater companies and audition for the parts.
  4. After you have built up your resume and got some experience under your belt contact agencies and send your resume including your head shots. It was pretty cheap to get it done but you can use snapshots that you take!
  5. The agency will place you in one or two of the categories depending on their specialty, film, commercial, theater, and modeling!
  6. The agent will try to market your talent after you have worked on a few jobs. Most likely they will take 15% cut of the acting jobs you get but you’ll get exposure in the industry.

Good Luck and remember to upload your talent and get exposure for free, now in areyoupop!

Give it a try and get found by local businesses to perform and become famous;