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“This estimate is low, I think, unfortunately. Our states and cities are not behaving consistently with one another. There is no central leadership. Until we get everyone on the same page, the clock until “normal times” come back keeps getting reset.”

— Kristen Schmidt

“What happens next is up to us. It is in our power to keep this from happening.”

— Ralph Beerme

“Every health care system is ordering based on worst-case requirements. They may not need it today, or even this week. But when the virus hits their system, it will be too late. The virus will multiply in a matter of days, and will get higher than most folks can consider. PPE (personal protective equipment) is an essential item to keeping their staff safe. They will use everything they can acquire.”

— PR Chris

“Does he (Trump) think it is normal to wear one mask per shift or one mask per patient? Would you use one test kit for multiple people? This man has no empathy or imagination.”

— Stephanie Chrethien

“Health care workers are the people at the front lines fighting this crisis. You don’t blame them for supply shortage, just like you can’t blame soldiers for running out of bullets in the middle of a war.”

— Maz King

“The masks are going where every epidemiological study and every expert said they would — to treat the enormous number of sick people in a pandemic, which everyone except Trump knew was coming sooner or later.”

— Susan Lee

“Simple. She represents so many of the things DT (Donald Trump) hates, stands up and speaks up.”

— Greg Jadlos

“Michigan can be proud of our governor and how she is handling this and keeping us all informed.”

— J.R.

“Pelosi is spot on! Trump’s failure to establish testing, combined with his gut telling him this virus was a hoax, has doomed Americans to coronavirus infection.”

— Bruce Hunter

“Her actions during the stimulus bill hurt Democratic image. Her comments now are not helping in our efforts against the virus.”

— Margie Nelson

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