5 Checklists Before Build Bike/Motorcycle Storage Shed
VERY AMAZING!!! How easy and quick it is to build a large outdoor shed (10×12). The actual building time is only 33 minutes, done by 2 guys.

5 Checklists before Build bike / motorcycle storage shed

1.Purpose & Size: Plan the shed size to suit it’s purpose.
2.Materials: This will include wooden panels, metal frames and sheets, molded plastic frames, hammer, nails and adhesives (see link below).
3.Site: Look for an appropriate site that remains clean and dry. It should not have water-logging problems.
4.floor: Decide on the type of flooring; concrete or wooden.
5.location: Clear the chosen location of debris, grass or plants. Level it well.

6 Step How To Building Lifetime Wooden Storage Sheds (10 X 12 Shed)

1.making the shed frame. Use a hammer and nails to join wooden boards.
2.Make windows and door. Cut the frames according the size you want.
3.Erect the frames with the correct sizes and nail them well.
4.Ensure that all the four walls and windows are linked strongly with the nails and adhesives.
5.install source of light/electrical system if you want to use the shed at night.
6.Paint and furnish the shed as desired.

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